EPDM Flat Roofs Benfleet

UK Home Solutions are proud to offer the homeowners of Westcliffe-on-sea and the surrounding areas our bespoke EPDM flat roofs. Insulate your home this year, and improve the thermal efficiency of your home with our sophisticated installations that can provide you with many benefits. They are a cost-effective solution to any home improvement dilemma.

EPDM flat roofs are quick and easy to install and can be tailored to meet any specification. Their durable nature means they are able to last for decades without showing signs or wear of discolouration. Rubber flat roofing systems are the perfect alternative to traditional roofs that may need replacing over time.

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rubber EPDM flat roof westcliffe-on-sea
EPDM Flat Roofs Westcliffe-on-sea

Low Maintenance EPDM Flat Roofs

EPDM flat roofs are designed to last. Made from durable recycled rubber, these roofs are a low maintenance solution that look great and perform incredibly well. Rubber roofing is suitable for even the most extreme conditions, typically lasting between 30-50 years. Have the confidence in us to provide the best installations.

You will not need to replace your EPDM flat roof as it takes care of itself. We remove the stress from the installation process as our expert team can answer any questions you may have. Rubber roofing is a reliable and robust solution in your Westcliffe-on-sea home. Update your roofing system today to save you time and money.

EPDM flat roofs require very little upkeep to ensure they continue looking as good as new. The synthetic rubber used in our roofing products doesn’t support the growth of moss. Because of this, you are guaranteed a clear roof that will not turn green over time or show grime easily. Spend less time on cleaning and achieve immaculate results at an affordable price.

Quality Materials

The synthetic rubber used in our EPDM flat roofs is made from recycled materials. Have the confidence in us to install premium products that are guaranteed to last.

Thermally Efficient

Create a thermally efficient home in Westcliffe-on-sea with our flat rubber roofs that trap warm air to keep your home at the optimum temperature all year round.


All our EPDM flat roofs are sealed to the highest standards. We continually test our products to ensure they are performing incredibly well. Our roofs are completely watertight.

Easy Installation

Rubber roofing systems can be easily moulded to suit any property. Whatever the style of your home, choose EPDM flat roofing to complete your next home improvement project.


Our flat roofs are designed to withstand any weather conditions. Unlike tiled roofs that require more maintenance, EPDM flat roofs look after themselves.


EPDM flat roofs are the perfect solution for Westcliffe-on-sea homeowners who are working on a budget. They are easy to install and provide outstanding results.

EPDM Flat Roof Styles

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EPDM flat roof prices westcliffe-on-sea

EPDM Flat Roofs Westcliffe-on-sea

rubber flat roofs westcliffe-on-sea

EPDM flat roof prices westcliffe-on-sea

EPDM Flat Roofs Westcliffe-on-sea

EPDM flat roof prices westcliffe-on-sea

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rubber flat roofs westcliffe-on-sea

Reliable Weatherproofing

By adding an EPDM flat roof to your home, you are investing in a design that is guaranteed to last for decades. The sophisticated exterior is extremely weatherproof, meaning you can be protected in even the harshest elements. Rubber roofing systems are extremely durable and will not show signs of wear easily.

EPDM flat roofs are made from recycled rubber materials. This makes it a far more environmentally friendly solution compared to other roofing alternatives. Our systems are constantly tested, so you can have peace of mind that you are investing in products of the best quality. We continually review the performance of our roofing systems.

Due to their robust nature, EPDM flat rubber roofing will not tarnish or discolour easily. Because of its flexibility, this style of roof will not crack or warp over time. They stay in their original state even years after they are first installed. Flat roofs are completely watertight and resistant to moss, mould and damp.

Made To Measure

One of the most impressive features of an EPDM flat roof is that it can be completely made to measure. The flexible rubber material can be formed into several shapes to suit any style of Westcliffe-on-sea property. The EPDM membrane can be cut to any specification, including overhangs and usual structures.

Because only one material is used in the installation process, it is quick, accurate and efficient to fit. Our expert team of professional tradesmen have years of experience and can adapt themselves to any task. Whatever the shape or size of your roof, invest in EPDM flat rubber solutions to make the finishing touches to your home.

Their adaptable nature means EPDM flat roofs can be custom made to you. Whatever your specification, we can cut the rubber membrane to the correct size. It is a strong, durable, resistant material that will not weather or crack. You can rely on UK Home Solutions to create the best roofing systems tailored to you.

EPDM flat roof prices westcliffe-on-sea

EPDM Flat Roof Prices Westcliffe-On-Sea

Install a high quality EPDM flat roof in your Westcliffe-on-sea property. It’s easy to receive a bespoke price; use our online quoting engine to receive a free, no-obligation quote today.

Alternatively, use our contact form and one of our professionals will be able to answer any queries you may have. Speak to one of our team directly on 0800 783 5480.


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